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Blundstone Chelsea Boots are a renowned brand of durable and versatile footwear originating from Tasmania, Australia. Blundstones are known by their iconic elastic-sided design and pull-on tabs. These boots are favored by many for their comfort, durability, and all-terrain capability. With a reputation for withstanding harsh conditions and providing excellent support, Blundstone boots have become a staple in wardrobes across the world.



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Men's Sizes

US 10 (1)
US 11 (1)
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US 9 (1)
US 9.5 (1)

Unisex Sizes

US M10.5/W12.5 (4)
US M10/W12 (5)
US M11.5 (4)
US M11/W13 (4)
US M12 (5)
US M13 (4)
US M14 (1)
US M4.5/W6.5 (3)
US M4/W6 (3)
US M5.5/W7.5 (4)
US M5/W7 (4)
US M6.5/W8.5 (5)
US M6/W8 (4)
US M7.5/W9.5 (4)
US M7/W9 (3)
US M8.5/W10.5 (5)
US M8/W10 (5)
US M9.5/W11.5 (5)
US M9/W11 (4)