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Women's New Balance

New Balance women's running shoes combine cutting-edge technology with comfort and style. Designed to cater to various running preferences, these shoes often feature lightweight construction, breathable mesh uppers for ventilation, and cushioned midsoles for impact absorption and support. With a focus on stability and performance, they offer different models tailored for different types of runners, from beginners to seasoned athletes. The range typically includes options with varying levels of arch support, widths, and designs, ensuring a personalized fit for every woman hitting the track or pavement.



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Width Options

B (Medium) (39)
D (Wide) (10)

Women's Sizes

US 10 (22)
US 11 (18)
US 6.5 (13)
US 7 (24)
US 7.5 (20)
US 8 (21)
US 8.5 (20)
US 9 (17)
US 9.5 (21)